Individual Sessions

Waves Music Therapy offer individual music therapy sessions across the South East at schools, in day centres, hospitals, in hospices, in our studio space and in client’s homes.

All of our sessions are delivered by our highly qualified therapists and our director, Victoria, aims to meet with you before work begins to answer any questions that you might have.

Individual sessions are typically 30-40 minutes, but can be shorter for younger children or longer for older children and adults, if required.

Individual music therapy is an effective way for a client to build a relationship with the therapist. Music therapy is a powerful means of non-verbal communication and can offer a safe, reliable space for exploring feelings without the need to translate those feelings into words.

Individual sessions are £60. We work hard to fundraise and so if cost is a barrier we can often part fund sessions.

Sessions are held for a minimum of 10 weeks after which reports are submitted and recommendations for further intervention are made. Usually that is to continue where work is evaluated at 6 month intervals

The therapist uses a variety of instruments which may include the piano, guitar, their own specialist instruments, tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments.

No musical skill is required to engage in and benefit from music therapy.

Group Sessions

Group Music Therapy is a positive and creative way of encouraging peer interaction and social development. Using active music-making we can experience playing together and music therapy groups offer an opportunity to connect, relate and interact.

Music therapy groups aim to enable everyone to feel heard and to have a voice. For those who cannot reach out physically, group music therapy provides a means of reaching out to others, having a voice, negotiating roles, playing together, hearing one another and being heard.

Unlike using lots of words at the same time (where it would be impossible to hear an individual voice) when we use music many voices can be heard together. Group music therapy is a powerful way to build community.

Group Music Therapy will consist of a minimum of 3 individuals. Sessions run between 30-50 minutes depending upon the needs of the members of the group.

Group sessions are £90. If cost is a barrier to reaching our service please do contact us to apply for financial support.

Online Music Therapy

Waves Music Therapy Services

Remote Therapy Sessions

Remote therapy sessions can be incredibly effective. Working online means we can be truly accessible, meeting and working with individuals no matter where they are. If you are interested in learning more, contact Waves

The remote sessions have been fantastic for Jordon, allowing him to access music sessions remotely. He is enjoying these and will respond to Hazel as if she is physically present. These have helped immensely in a period of isolation giving him a level of continuity and stimulation not possible otherwise.

Jordan's parents

How to Access Our Services

We are delighted that you are considering making a referral to music therapy. 

If you haven’t already done so, please have a look at our Music Therapy page for lots of information about how music therapy helps and what we can do for you.

As well as the information on this website we would be delighted to talk to you about our work and discuss your hopes for music therapy intervention.

Depending upon your location and the availability of our therapists, we aim to begin sessions within 1 month of receiving the referral form.

A copy of our pdf referral forms can be downloaded here:



  • Contact us to discuss your needs

  • You complete a referral form

  • We engage in a 3-week assessment

  • We engage in a series of music therapy sessions

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I have a ten year old adopted son who has been lucky enough to work with Waves Music Therapy for the last few months. He has a complex presentation and struggles to feel comfortable with and manage his emotions. This influences all aspects of his everyday life.The impact of Waves therapy has been amazing and far greater than any other therapy he has experienced. His therapist Vicky has a true understanding of trauma, trauma behaviour and how to respond in an intuitive, patient and empathetic way. This has enabled our son to form a safe attachment with Vicky, as he feels both seen and understood. For a child who has suffered major attachment disruption in his early life, to achieve this level of natural connection with another person in such a short space of time, has been both surprising and heartwarming to witness. As so often trauma is held in the body, then any creative outlet such as art or music has a far greater impact on repair than any cognitive therapies can achieve. Waves provides a safe space where he can create and feel the music, feel his emotions and feel them more. He has been able to experiment with a variety of instruments, write songs about his inner most thoughts and even bring other trusted adults into his safe space to create music together. Waves Music therapy has contributed significantly to our son developing a new sense of emotional awareness and he is now starting to both understand and openly question his feelings with us. We would highly recommend Waves Music Therapy and we cannot thank you enough.

Jo, Mother of Child, B

There is no other time in the week where I see … relax.  He comes into the therapy room, sees Victoria and immediately settles.  He knows, he understands this is his time and he chooses to communicate and play.

Support Staff

Music therapy is a special time for our students. The session is totally child-led, every sound develops from the sounds and movements our students make. It is incredibly important for our students that they have this time to play together.

Class teacher, PMLD class

I have worked with Victoria for many years and have co-run sessions with her. Music Therapy is an amazing way for us to reach our profoundly autistic children. Music therapy does not place demands upon the child, they make music and play because they want to, because Victoria draws them out. They are working on their social, their emotional, their communication skills. Music therapy is essential for our children here.

Christelle Fornier, Child and Adolescent Psychologist

Music therapy is an essential part of school life for our children. Our children need a way to express themselves and explore their emotions. Music therapy meets these needs.

Head Teacher, SEN school

I have supported ‘Lucy’ for 4 years. I have never heard her make the sounds she does like when she is in music therapy. It is like she is really motivated to sing, to communicate. I am usually in tears.

Amy, Support Staff
Sienna is so enjoying her sessions with Gabrielle – a small taste of normality
Sue, Parent

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